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What does conflict

have to do with fear?

Quite a lot actually, our negative habits for dealing with conflict, such as digging in our heels or avoiding the conflict completely, stem from the different ways that our fears play out in our lives. Dealing with conflict itself is also an adventure, and every time we are able to deal with conflict in a healthy manner is a chance we have to overcome our fears and grow. Whether it is third party prevention, intervention, or insight with your challenging adventure, we are here to help.

Third Party Conflict Resolution

third party conflict resolution

When our fears and emotions get the best of us, the idea of resolving said conflict can feel almost impossible, even if we want to reconcile. During these times it is best to bring in an experienced third party who can come in and create a safe environment that allows each side to express themselves in a way that can be heard and empower both parties to a collaborative end.


Pricing Information

Starting at $200 per hour

  • Half Day Conflict Resolution Session (4 hours): Starting at $600

  • Full Day or 2 Half Days Conflict Res. Session (8 hours): Starting at $1,000

Included Services:

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Individual Conflict Coaching

D&D Services

Discovery and dialogue

With conflict there is always a story behind the story, and with two or more people there are multiple sides to that story. Discovery is the process of looking at every perspective, and root cause of the underlying conflict, and as a neutral observer engaging in dialogue to put the conflict on a path towards healthy engagement and resolution.

Creative people brainstorming in meeting

Pricing Information

Discovery and Dialogue (PH): $100*

  • Includes any research through documents, film, or other media in regards to the specific conflict, and time spent communicating with those involved in the conflict.

     *May be added on to other conflict resolution services if needed

Adv. Based Conflict Res.

Adventure Based Conflict Management

Practice makes perfect, so why don't we practice conflict? While most of us want ourselves and our team to be better at how we handle conflict, none of us want to practice it. There is where adventure based conflict resolution serves its purpose, as an exciting way to engage in conflict and build healthy habits you and your team can utilize in any ongoing or future conflicts.

Together at the Top

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What to Expect:

  • Exciting Team Building Exercises to Create Trust and Overcome Obstacles

  • Our Conflict Management Experts Personalized Tools and Assessment Forms for your Unique Conflict

  • Our ABC Management Journal to Facilitate Positive Memories While Managing your Teams Conflict

  • Highly Customizable and Perfect for Any Corporate Retreat

Corporate Conflict Res.

Corporate conflict Engagement training

Conflict can get messy and easily halt the goals of any organization, and yet simply avoiding all conflict can be just as detrimental. Conflicting ideas and contrasting methodologies provides the stepping stones for immense growth within your organization. Our unique training methodology at Fear Less helps train your team to learn the unique skills necessary to transform friction into opportunity.

Group Meeting

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What to Expect:

  • Assessment Tools Used to Help Better Relate and Engage with your Colleagues

  • Workshops to Transform Harmful Reactions into Constructive Dialogue

  • Environment and Expertise for Constructive Feedback to Refine Communication Skills

  • Worksheets Designed to Develop Personnel's Self Awareness and Problem Solving Abilities

*We never want finances to be an issue that would prevent us from being able to help bring about resolution and healing. For those in need we offer an individualized sliding scale fee for conflict resolution based on income and family/organization size. We also take into consideration whatever unique situation you or your organization may be facing so that cost will never be the limiting factor.

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