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Learn to overcome your biggest fears and accelerate your personal growth

Adventure Coach

What you get with an Adventure Coach:

Life changing adventures that will help you to become the person you were always meant to be. Your adventure coach will not only create these transformative experiences for you, but will also be there to walk with you, so that you can obtain the most out of them. Whether these moments occur out of a plane, on a mountain, traversing the other side of the world, or even in your own backyard, an adventure coach will take you out of your comfort zone, and create a personal experience to help you tackle whatever fears or inner conflict are holding you back in life.

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Adventure Coaching is Perfect for

  • Breaking through plateaus in life or work

  • Discovering your true passions

  • Healing and personal growth

  • Being pushed out of your comfort zone, and learning to be adventurous 

  • Preparing for major transitions such as changing a career or graduating from school

  • Having fun while building lifelong memories

pricing and packages

Adventure Coaching Options

​Are you ready to take your life or profession to the next level? Join Adventure Coach John Hanes, on an Adventure Based Coaching experience and learn to make your fear your superpower.

  • Adventure Based Coaching Short Sessions (1-2 hours): $350+*

  • Half Day (3-4 hours) Adventure Coaching: $600+*​

  • Full Day (6-8 hours) Adventure Coaching: $800+*

  • Weekend Adventure Coaching: $1,500+*

    • ​(Fri 6pm-Sat 8pm) or (Sat 10am-Sun 12pm)

    • Add $750 per person for group trip

  • Multi Day to Multi Week Coaching Trip

    • Call for Pricing​

+* Additional fees are added for any cost the coach may incur on a given adventure coaching session or trip.

**You can choose between pre-planned adventure trips or a highly customizable adventure trip. Depending on the level of customization for the trip additional fees may be added on. 

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