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mental health coaching

Dedicated to your personal growth and success.

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What you get with a Mental Health Coach:

Individual attention in the development and implementation of your most important values and goals. Your coach will be a creative partner keeping you accountable to making sure fears and inner conflicts do not get in the way of pursuing your biggest dreams, unlocking your full potential, and discovering your best self. See your relationships, career, and day-to-day life improve as you learn the skills to challenge limiting beliefs, diversify who you are, increase your productivity, expand your emotional intelligence, and grow in your personal character, mental health coaching is really the best way to invest in yourself!

pricing and packages

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions with Mental Health Coach, John Hanes, are $300* a session. These sessions can be held online or in person, and just one session can change the trajectory of your life.

Are you ready to stop living your life on auto pilot? Schedule your consultation call today.

Promotional Packages

  • 1 Coaching Sessions per month $3,000

    • 2 free sessions​

  • 2 Coaching Sessions per month $5,500

    • 6 free sessions​

  • 3 Coaching Sessions per month $7,750

    • 10 free sessions​

  • Inquire further for annual or monthly payments, as well as discounted additional sessions

For just $550, let Mental Health Coach, John Hanes, help you through your next transition in life. Don't let your fear hold you back any longer. For current or returning clients only.

This coaching package is designed to prepare you for any upcoming life transition you may experience. This is intended as a proactive method of coaching and thus is for transitions you are expecting such as moving, change in job, a major surgery, marriage, etc. This package includes 3 hours of coaching, specified for whatever transition you are to experience.

Transition Coaching Package

*We never want finances to be an issue that would prevent us from being able to help people make less of their decisions out of fear. For those in need we offer an individualized sliding scale fee for coaching based on income and family size. We also take into consideration  whatever unique situation you may be facing so that cost will never be the limiting factor.

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