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Adventure And Mental Health Coaching

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Why Adventure and Mental Health Coaching?:

Want the best way to get the most out of your coaching and experience powerful transformation in your life? This is the answer. Powerful mental health coaching  sessions help to discover what is most important to you and what fears may be holding you back. As you engage in this process of discovery and change, your coach is then able to curate the most personal, and transformative adventure coaching sessions that leads to a life filled with passion, purpose and fulfillment.

pricing and packages

Adventure Coaching

Coaching sessions with Mental Health and Adventure Coach, John Hanes, start at $325* an hour. These sessions are held online and in person, and just one hour can change the way you view and handle conflict in your life and in your mind.

Schedule your consultation call today to discuss how you can start making this change.

Promotional Packages

  • 1 Coaching Sessions per month $3,250

    • 2 free sessions​

  • 2 Coaching Sessions per month $6,000

    • 6 free sessions​

  • 3 Coaching Sessions per month $8,500

    • 10 free sessions​

  • Inquire further for annual or monthly payments, as well as discounted additional sessions

*We never want finances to be an issue that would prevent us from being able to help people make less of their decisions out of fear. For those in need we offer an individualized sliding scale fee for coaching based on income and family size. We also take into consideration  whatever unique situation you may be facing so that cost will never be the limiting factor.

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