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About Fear Less

ABOUT Fear Less

"Giving you the courage to face your fears and do things you never thought you would!"

Do you live your life on autopilot? Trapped in a comfort zone that is not bad enough to warrant serious change, but still leaves you feeling like something is missing?

Unfortunately most of us can relate, consumed by our fear we tend to avoid the new and unknown, often paralyzing us from making the most transformational decisions we should be making! Our fear stands in the way by keeping us in this state of complacency, accepting unfulfillment and monotony as our norm. At Fear Less Adventure Coaching we reject settling for this mindset and are here to give every person the courage to face their fears and do the things they thought they would never do, in essence we make your fear your superpower.

About the Founder

About the founder

Fear consumed me, I just never realized it. While those around me described me as bold or fearless, in reality I wasn't without fear, I just avoided facing them. My fear of rejection, hurt, and the feeling like I would never be enough were easy enough to hide, even from myself. Instead of facing my problems I continued to stuff them until I couldn't anymore. When it all finally started to spew out I hit my rock bottom, and I had a decision to make, face my fears or runaway from them.

Enough was enough, my fear had kept me complacent and leading me to make decisions that looked good on the outside, but on the inside these decisions were slowly eating away at me. I quit my job and traveled the world, stepping out of my comfort zone in order to learn what I truly loved about life and to become the person I was intended to be. 

I learned that changing and challenging yourself does not have to be taxing or dreary, quite the opposite actually, it can be so invigorating that it becomes addictive. So addictive, that after years of achieving my own personal growth this way, I knew it was wrong to keep this transformative process to myself. I quit my job for a second time and decided to start Fear Less Adventure Coaching, where we strive for creating a transformational, exciting, and safe environment to coach people through conquering their biggest fears and achieving personal growth! 

About the Team

About the Team

"We believe we can create a world where people do not act out of their fear, and that this world is a better place for everyone"

Fear dictates the actions that we take. When we do not channel our feelings of fear constructively, our actions become formed by insecurities, hurt, and entitlement, spreading feelings of darkness, senselessness and a loss of meaning in our world. Yet when we confront our fears, and then choose to base our actions off of love, growth, and self-sacrifice, the transformation that occurs is our part in making this world a happier, safer, and more fulfilling place to be. That is why the core belief of the Fear Less Adventure Coaching team is that through coaching, third party engagement, and social media we can create a world where people do not act out of their fear, and that this transformed world is a better place for everyone!

Because of our core belief, we at Fear Less choose to work with people based off of their earnestness for personal change, not how much they are able to pay. This is why we have implemented a sliding scale fee for all of our services, so that we truly can be accessible to everyone. This is only possible because most of the team at Fear Less offer their time, effort, and expertise at below cost, if not outright volunteering it. We realized that between creating new content, managing multiple social media channels, editing videos and photos, planning trips, on top of working with our clients, this would lead to an operating cost that would not make our business available to those who may need it the most. It is the personal sacrifice that defines us as a team, and makes what we are doing remotely possible.

While the team is intensely devoted to the change, growth, and character of others, we hold the same standards for ourselves. That is why every person working with Fear Less is actively volunteering their time to help others, engaged in some form of personal accountability for character development, and committed to finding meaning through close community and travelling the world. Beyond this, we are constantly stepping outside of our comfort zone to pursue our true purpose, and as a team we refuse to ever let fear polarize or divide us, encouraging dialogue even if we disagree. If this is the type of transformation you are looking for, please don't hesitate to let us work with you on this adventure. 

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