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Make Your Fear Your Superpower

from the Founder

Our fears hold us back, paralyzing us from our greatest potential. On the other hand, we can take our fear and use it to create impactful positive change in our lives. This transformational tool of personal growth can be acquired from coaching in an immersive and exciting environment that takes us outside our comfort zone.


How do I know? Well as I worked helping people resolve their conflicts, I realized how much of our conflicts with each other as well as our inner ones are motivated by our fear. I then took a long hard look in the mirror and realized that it was my own fear that kept me from being fulfilled and complacent, doing what I thought was right instead of what was right for me. So, I quit my job, pushed myself to do everything that terrified me, and continue to live an adventurous lifestyle with the passion to help others push past their own limits.

- John Wesley Hanes V​


How WE Can Help You


Conflict Resolution

Dealing with our fears, and dealing with our conflicts go hand and hand even if we don't recognize it. Third party intervention is so effective because you can bring in someone to help the conflict without any of the fear holding you back. We provide prevention, insight, and intervention into any conflict you or your team may be facing.

Creative Working


Learn to adapt and no longer be paralyzed by fear. Through coaching, your fear becomes a superpower that leads to personal growth. As you engage your fears and build your confidence from immersive  experiences, life, and conflict you become a catalyst for change wherever fear may hold you back. If it's creativity at work, conflict in your relationships, or the mental battles you face during any life transition, coaching helps you to break through your biggest fears to transform your life.


 Travel  Services

We are experts in travel, so take advantage of our planning, consulting and coaching services for your next adventure. We know that "adventure" is different for each and everyone of us, which is why our travel services are tailored made and specific for each and everyone of our clients .

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